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Pensacola’s Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti Bridge (Pensacola, FL)

In Pensacola, FL, there is a bridge where painters have been going since 1935. Known as the Graffiti Bridge, the local law actually permits spray-painting. The only rule: if you paint over something, your piece should be better.

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Amarillo’s Little Oddity: Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

This past November, we unexpectedly found ourselves leaving Shiprock, NM and headed cross-country to Myrtle Beach, SC to visit relatives for a month. After a first day of rather monotonous driving, we decided to take a few side detours to liven up the trip. First stop: Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX.

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Street Art of Shiprock

Shiprock Street Art

In Shiprock, Highway 64 is the main drag, and boasts an old bridge and views of the giant rock the town is named for. It also showcases some impressive graffiti by local artists on the north side of the road.

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