About Us

Curriers on the Go

For years, we’ve had a dream:
touring the country full-time in our very own RV.

Unfortunately, RV’s are expensive, and we just haven’t been able to save enough for one as of yet. But that hasn’t stopped us from venturing forth on some interesting road trips anyway.

It all started when we were living in Arizona. We made a day trip to the Grand Canyon, and our adventure bug was realized.

When we were about to move to Shiprock, NM, we were fortunate enough to be able to take a very roundabout route, catching a few sights we wanted to see in California (among a few other states) along the way.

Then for Thanksgiving, we were able to take a month-long trip to Myrtle Beach, stopping at various entertaining spots along the way.

As you may notice while your perusing the site, while we do visit the big tourist attractions, we also like to find those out-of-the-way places that most people don’t even think about. It’s our little taste of Weird USA, and we find those places (like finding Bubblegum Alley, an abandoned mini-golf course, a Christmas tribute done Jacksonville Beach style, the “Junk Statues” in Alabama or impressive graffiti in our own backyard) to be fun in all sorts of different ways. For one, they are nowhere near as crowded, and they also give us a taste of some of the wonderfully quirky side of this great country of ours.

In fact, those odder sights are what started us blogging about our travels in the first place, so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

And don’t forget to keep checking back in with us. Like our previous travels, we never quite know when our next adventure will present itself…or where it will take us.

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