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Brookgreen Gardens: Day 1, Part 3 – Sculpture Behind Glass

We continue our visit to Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, SC, with a peek inside the glass cases inside the museum area of the Brown Sculpture Court.

As it turns out, I actually missed a couple of places we visited in Myrtle Beach during our November 2016 Road Trip. When I first started working on editing pictures for the website, the sheer number of pictures for Brookgreen Gardens was a bit daunting, and I skipped over them in favor of working on attractions with fewer pictures to edit. Unfortunately for me (and for your continuity with our trip), that meant I started publishing posts of where we traveled after we left Myrtle Beach, without publishing Brookgreen Gardens or a few other places in Myrtle Beach. These posts, then, are a visit back to our time in Myrtle Beach. While they will show up in their correct spot on the road map of our trip (based on the date we actually visited them), the post timeline will be a bit off, so bear with me as we try to play a little catch-up.

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In the Brown Sculpture Court at Brookgreen Gardens, there is the open-area section we talked about previously. Beyond that, a door leads to another section. In this section, the sculptures are even smaller, and arranged around the room in glass cases. The whole room has the feeling of a museum, and we were enjoying how Brookgreen Gardens kept surprising us with all the different areas. After the serenity of the Gardens themselves, and then the airy impressiveness of the open-air Brown Sculpture Court, this museum section was another nice change of pace. Austere and cool, this section was just another bright spot on our visit. Still, we couldn’t stay inside for long – especially since there was so much more of Brookgreen Gardens to see. It was a nice stopping point, however, and as the sun begin to set, we finished up our first day at Brookgreen Gardens in this section.

Check out the pics below and stay tuned for day 2 at Brookgreen Gardens. We still had a lot to see, and more surprises were in store for us in this spectacular place.


Brookgreen Gardens - Sculpture Behind Glass, Part 1
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