Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon in the Spring

We took a road trip this past Spring to Flagstaff, AZ, then headed out for a brief – and very rainy – visit to the Grand Canyon. And we brought back a couple of pictures and a video!

Carmella, who has spent a lot of her time in the Western part of the US, had never been to the Grand Canyon before. I, on the other hand, have spent the majority of my time in the Eastern US, but had visited my Grandma out in AZ back when I was about 10 or so, and was able to experience the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.

Looking to get out of the house and go on an adventure this past spring, Carmella and I grabbed our dog Stella, jumped in the car and drove a couple of hours to Flagstaff, AZ (a couple of hours from our place in Mesa) to pick up some thread for Carmella’s A Work in Progress creations. We explored a bit of the area, and rented a motel for the night.

The next morning, we woke up, and didn’t want to head back to Mesa just yet. Since I knew visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time would be quite an experience for Carmella, I suggested we take a drive to the Grand Canyon (“since we were so close”). Carmella readily agreed and, just a little while later, we pulled up at the South Entrance, paid the exorbitant fee and drove on in to Grand Canyon National Park.

Leashing Stella, we started walking along the South Rim…and then the rain began. Snapping a few photos while we had the chance, we quickly had to dash for cover amongst the trees as the heavens opened and rain poured down in a drenching torrent. Huddled amongst the trees with our fellow park visitors, we tried to wait out the rain. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t with us, and it kept pouring down.

Meanwhile, we discovered that Stella, our lab/pit bull mix, is terrified of rain. She huddled under the trees with us, shivering and looking as miserable and woebegone as we had ever seen her. Carmella, who was the only one of us with a jacket, took pity of the puppy-eyed looks of forlorn Stella was giving us and draped her own jacket over Stella. As a chorus of “awwws” arose around us at the sight of Stella wearing a raincoat, and the rain let up briefly, we decided it was time to make a break for the car.

While our visit was brief – and marred by the weather, Carmella was still happy we had gone, and I got to check another off the list of things she hadn’t done. Stella, now comfortable in the car, was also feeling much better now that she was out of the rain. So, while the visit wasn’t as great as we would have liked it, we all left feeling pretty happy.

I pieced together a short video below of the images we are able to snag via my broken-down iPhone 5S, which I’ve posted below and on our YouTube channel, Curriers on the Go.

While it may not have been the time we had been expecting, we were still happy we were able to get away (albeit briefly) for a mini-adventure…and can’t wait to return once we finally get our RV.

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Grand Canyon National Park

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