USS Alabama (used in the film UNDER SIEGE)

That Battleship from Under Siege aka The USS Alabama

Our road trip takes us to a piece of history (and film history) in Mobile, Alabama, where we run across Battleship Memorial Park, and the famed USS Alabama.

In Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama, there rests a piece of national history…and film history as well.  Designated the USS Alabama, the battleship (which played the part of the USS Missouri in the classic Steven Seagal film Under Siege), rests on dry land.

The park’s website has a bit of history on the old girl.  Built in 1942, the 45,000-ton USS Alabama held a crew of 2,500 during her heyday.  During her three years in WWII, she was known as the “Heroine of the Pacific,” and lead the fleet into Tokyo Bay on September 5, 1945.  She was awarded nine battle stars for “meritorious service” during the war, and was decommissioned in 1947.  Scheduled to be scrapped, she was preserved and, on January 9, 1965, became the center attraction at Battleship Memorial Park when it opened to the public.

Battleship Memorial Park entrace sign
A fighter jet sits atop the Battleship Memorial Park sign.

But, honestly, she’s remembered now by movie buffs everywhere as the battleship in that action-packed “Die Hard on a boat” flick, Under Siege.  Who can forget that now-classic Steven Seagal film?  And honestly, that’s why we showed up too.

Unfortunately for us, the park was closed when we stopped by, so we didn’t get to see more than a glimpse of the famed battleship, and (apparently) totally missed out on the memorials to veterans that fill the park.

Still, it was nice to snap a pic as we went by, and the movie buff inside of us was definitely appreciative.

Take a moment to say thanks to the veterans that put their lives on the line to protect us average US citizens, and stay tuned to find out where we went next!

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Battleship Memorial Park

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    AL - Battleship Memorial Park 30.682106, -88.015155 USS Alabama
  • Address: 2703 Battleship Parkway, Mobile, AL 36602
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  • Price: Adults 12-54: $15.00; Children 6-11: $6.00; Seniors 55+: $13.00; Children under 6 are free. Discounted prices for military families.
  • Website: Official Website
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