Russian Sea Rescue Pod at The Oyster House

A Russian Lifeboat at an Oyster House

While we were traveling through Spanish Fort, AL, we stumbled across The Oyster House…and it’s roadside oddity, a Russian Sea Rescue Pod.

Outside the Original Oyster House in Spanish Fort, Alabama sits something you just don’t see everyday – a Russian lifeboat.

While the seafood restaurant is known for it’s delicious meals, we were only interested in this odd piece of decoration sitting out front. A Russian Sea Rescue Pod, origins unknown, sits prominently outside this restaurant, aglow in it’s green paint.

Russian Lifeboat
An end-on view of the Russian Sea Rescue Pod.

While we have no idea why it’s there (or the probably interesting story on how it got there), we just couldn’t pass up a chance to take a picture on our way by. While we would have liked to stop and have a meal at the restaurant, we couldn’t afford the extra expense. Besides, this odd piece of decoration whetted our appetite anyway.

Stick around for another restaurant-themed attraction in Spanish Fort before we head on out of town!

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Original Oyster House

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    AL - The Oyster House

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    AL - The Oyster House 30.669800, -87.935800 Russian Sea Rescue Pod
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