"Borzov the Sprinter" (Bruce Larsen, 2004)

Bruce Larsen’s “Junk Athletes” Are Worth the Trip

On the grounds of the US Sports Academy (USSA), there is a collection of impressive “Junk Athletes” by artist Bruce Larsen – so nicknamed because these impressive figures are made completely out of junk.

Finally, the whole reason we stopped in Daphne, Alabama. While the other sights we saw were interesting, we had heard about these amazing athletes made out of junk on the lawns of the US Sports Academy, and just had to check them out.

Thankfully, we were even more impressed than we had imagined. Created by master artist Bruce Larsen (who also designs movie set pieces), these amazing works of art are made out of everyday junk. Nicknamed “Junk Athletes”, these figures strike a pose throughout the grounds of the US Sports Academy.

In fact, the US Sports Academy is so (rightly) impressed with Bruce’s designs, they commission a new one at nearly every board meeting. Thanks to the friendly receptionist we mentioned previously, we know there are actually plans to turn the “Iron Bowl” sculpture (which currently only depicts two American footballers) into two full teams of players in mid-game.

Becoming quite the tourist attraction, these pieces of art are sure to wow any visitor. And, thanks to the ample free parking available for the US Sports Academy, it’s extremely easy to wander the grounds and snap pictures to your heart’s delight.

While the interior of the US Sports Academy is full of hundreds of sports-themed sculptures, these larger-than-life figures outside are definitely worth a trip to Daphne, Alabama all by themselves. Think of the interior sculptures as a bonus on your trip, and make sure you stop by and check out Bruce Larsen’s amazing creations. The fact they are made out of everyday junk just makes them all the more impressive.


Bruce Larsen's "Junk Athletes"
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