Dinosaur King in Jacksonville

A Strip Mall T-Rex in Jacksonville

In front of a shopping center in Jacksonville, there stands a throwback to the mini golf playground that used to reside in that spot: an orange T-Rex supporting himself with a bone cane.

In front of a shopping center in Jacksonville, FL, there is an odd sight that greets passerby. It’s a large orange dinosaur using a bone as a crutch.

Separated from the shopping center (and curious onlookers) by a fence, this T-Rex is the last remnant of a Goofy Golf mini golf play area that used to reside on this spot. While the rest of the course was torn down to make way for shops, a couple of people got together and were able to keep the T-Rex intact, as a reminder of the good memories they had at this Goofy Golf.

Nowadays, this orange T-Rex (known in Goofy Golf as “Dinosaur King”) is a weird attraction for the shopping center. While most visitors stop by just to visit the stores, the orange dinosaur out front is a consistent draw as well, and for good reason. It just looks so odd standing there in front of the modern building behind him, a throwback encased in a fence for all time.

It’s a bit of fun quirkiness in Jacksonville, and a good photo op too.

Unfortunately, we arrived just as the sun had set, and the bright lights across the street don’t help to display this quirky creature very well. Still, the pic came out pretty good anyway, and during the daytime, this would make a great photo op.

Stay tuned to see where we go next!

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Rex, the Beach Blvd Dinosaur

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    FL - The Beach Blvd Dinosaur

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