Jacksonville Beach, FL

One Last View of the Atlantic in Florida

Our road trip continues for one last view of the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

After being nicely surprised by the Deck the Chairs presentation just yards away, we headed for what we had come to Jacksonville Beach for – the beach. After this, we were headed west, and knew this was going to be our last look at the Atlantic Ocean for quite awhile.

While we are bigger fans of the Pacific Ocean, with it’s much bluer water and more temperate climate, it had been fun to be at the Ocean Reef Resort with our constant views of the Atlantic. Several mornings were spent just watching the sun come up over the ocean, and, despite the fogginess that seemed to envelop the mornings in Myrtle Beach, viewing the ocean like that really gives you pause. It’s just so vast, you can’t even wrap your head around the size of the ocean, and you feel minuscule in comparison.

Our visit to the beaches of Jacksonville Beach, however, gave us another perspective on the Atlantic. Despite a brisk wind, the temperature was much warmer (mid-70’s), and, as we walked along the beach, we discovered there were quite a few shells to be had here, again unlike the beaches of Myrtle Beach. We spent a leisurely hour or two here, as Carmella looked for shells and I had fun taking pictures of the flocking seagulls along the shore. In fact, we were so caught up in our enjoyment of the beach, we didn’t realize how late it had gotten until the sun started going down.

With so many stops left to make in the day (and our planned hotel still hours away), we sadly said goodbye to the Atlantic and headed back to our car. Upon heading out, though, we discovered we hadn’t left all of the ocean behind us – a surprising amount of salt from the Atlantic clung to our car long after the beach was far behind us.

We had a great time in Jacksonville Beach, though, with the surprise of the Deck the Chairs holiday tradition and the beach combining to make this one of our favorite stops so far. While we knew we were soon to be leaving Jacksonville Beach, we also knew, like Savannah, we would be coming back here again one day.

Check out our beach pics below, and stay tuned for more of our trip!


Our Last View of the Atlantic
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Jacksonville Beach

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