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What We Missed in Myrtle Beach

During our month-long stay, we definitely got to see a lot of what Myrtle Beach had to offer…but there were still a couple of sights that we wanted to see that didn’t get a chance to. Chief among those: Cirque Extreme and the Hollywood Wax Museum.

As it turns out, I actually missed a couple of places we visited in Myrtle Beach during our November 2016 Road Trip. When I first started working on editing pictures for the website, the sheer number of pictures for Brookgreen Gardens was a bit daunting, and I skipped over them in favor of working on attractions with fewer pictures to edit. Unfortunately for me (and for your continuity with our trip), that meant I started publishing posts of where we traveled after we left Myrtle Beach, without publishing Brookgreen Gardens or a few other places in Myrtle Beach. These posts, then, are a visit back to our time in Myrtle Beach. While they will show up in their correct spot on the road map of our trip (based on the date we actually visited them), the post timeline will be a bit off, so bear with me as we try to play a little catch-up.

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While we did see a lot of different sights during our stay in Myrtle Beach, there were 2 sights we didn’t get a chance to check out. Originally, when we planned on going to Myrtle Beach, there were a couple of sights we definitely wanted to see: the ocean (which we saw every day from the balcony of our hotel), the Skywheel (located on the boardwalk), Ripley’s Aquarium, Cirque Extreme, and the Hollywood Wax Museum.

The one show we wanted to see (other than the ocean) while in Myrtle Beach was the Cirque Extreme show at the Palace Theater. This crazy, indoor circus show sounded fantastic, with thrilling stunts galore. Now that’s the kind of show we want to see!

Sadly, however, Hurricane Matthew visited Myrtle Beach before we did, and did enough damage to the Palace Theater they had to cancel the rest of their fall shows…including Cirque Extreme.

Since that was out, there was only one other sight we wanted to check out that we hadn’t seen: the Hollywood Wax Musuem. With it’s crazy exterior of King Kong climbing his tower enticing us in, it was something we definitely wanted to check out.

With that in mind, we tried to line up another of those condo presentations (this time with Westgate Hotels), with our prize being tickets into the Museum and some badly needed spending cash. Sadly, however, our two attempts at this failed as they kept changing the rules of attending (we had to be residents of Myrtle Beach/we couldn’t be residents, but had to make $150,000 a year), so we never got our free tickets.

On our first attempt, the information they wanted was on a flash drive we had on hand. Alas, even though we were in a giant hotel, we were told that they did not have a working printer that could be used to print out the information. Astounded at this (apparently there was some sort of mass breakdown on their printers that same day), and despite hearing printers chattering away in the background – which we pointed out to them to no avail – we had to reschedule.

The next try was worse, as the changing rules came into effect, and suddenly we weren’t eligible to attend the presentation – something that could have been mentioned the first time and saved us a lot of time and trouble. On top of that, they charged us a “holding fee” up front to make sure we would attend their presentation, then tried their best to keep that fee (even getting angry at us when we demanded they refund us) when we were told we weren’t allowed to attend. We did finally get our “holding fee” refunded, but the whole thing still turned out be an irritating complete waste of our time, and a big sour note on our vacation…and on any associations with Westgate Hotels in the future.

On a side note, if you’re looking for a condo presentation in Myrtle Beach, stay away from the rude staff and ridiculous ever-changing rules at Westgate Hotels. Stick with Wyndham. Unlike Westgate, Wyndham is nice, courteous, and their “prizes” for attending are well worth the afternoon spent. Also, Wyndham’s offer is incredibly tempting. If we had more money, we probably would be the proud owners of one of their time-shares…and that was even before their associates tried for the hard sell. With these places, seen first on screen and then in person, they practically sell themselves.

Needless to say, we never got to check out the Hollywood Wax Museum…but we did manage to take a pic of it’s funky exterior as we drove by.

So, it wasn’t in the cards for us to go the Hollywood Wax Museum this trip. Maybe this fiasco with Westgate Hotels was a blessing in disguise, and the Wax Museum is a dud. Did any of you get to experience the Wax Museum for yourself? If so, was it worth the trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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